Free Club Penguin Accounts!

We can tell that most people really want Club Penguin accounts since their parents won't let them create one. We will give out some accounts on this page. Please do NOT ban or change the passwords. You will take full responsibility if you do. A "☆" next to an account's password indicates that it is a member. 

1. Penguin Name : Sammy101   Password : sammy  
2. Penguin Name : Sparklegurl6   Password :  cutekitten123
3. Penguin Name : KittyKatty11   Password : cutekitten123
4. Penguin Name : Cloud Angel2928   Password : amylikesangelz102    
5. Penguin Name : CutiePuppy12   Password : puppy12  

This is all the accounts we have.  They were either thrown off by the owner, or submitted by someone. If you'd like to submit an account, please comment below. Thank you!
                                                                                                 ~ The Cp Cheats Team 



  1. my account is username: sabine09 password is : sabine

  2. sry unkorecct pass korecct password is : pascal04


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