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Leap Year Special! Buy A Co. Team Leader Plan For Only 1 Month Member Code! 
Or, Buy A Team Leader Plan For Only 2 1 Month Membership Codes! ( Offer from Feb 29th to March 5th)
Hello all! If you'd like to purchase a Moderator or Team Leader plan, etc., here is where you can get it! All the prices are listed below. Get any of these plans by sending the Toy or Membership code to! 

~ Moderators Plan 1 Month : 1 Toy Code
~ Moderators Plan 6 Month : 2 Toy Codes
~ Moderators Plan 12 Month : 1 Month Membership Code
~ Co. Team Leader ( Will Be Chosen By Khang Of The CP Cheats Team ) : 2 - 1 Month Membership Codes
~ Team Leader ( Will Be Chosen By Khang Of The CP Cheats Team ): 6 Month Membership Code

Remember, to buy a plan, e-mail : and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!                                           
                                                                        Keep Chillin'!


  1. Cool Website. Im also a fan of Club Penguin I get membership, Coin maker, Alot of stuff. As you know My Name is Happy1765 on Club Penguin Keep Sure Looking Around!

    Waddle On!!

    1. Glad your a fan of Club Penguin! It's best to not hack anything from Club Penguin including Coins. You may get banned for it.

      Waddle On,
      Khang, The Cp Cheats

  2. mi pinguino es darkton agreguen me por favor y un like a mi iglu si les gusta


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