Friday, February 24, 2012

Rockhopper's Quest Walkthrough

Hey Penguin Fans! Rockhopper's Quest is finally here! We will give you a walkthrough.
 1. Go to the beach and waddle over to the barrel that says "Join The Crew" Get your free item.
2. waddle on the Migrator
3. Wait for the ship to sail to your destination. ( Stand on a square and throw snowballs at the target to speed up the trip! ) 
4. Once you've reached your Destination, waddle off the Migrator.
5. You are now at Swashbuck Trading Post. Click on the wood at the top left corner.
6. Waddle back onto the Migrator and wait for it to sail. 
7. You are now at Dinosaur Island.
8. Go and get the gem from the cave.
9. Waddle back onto the Migrator.
10. Get ready to sail to Shipwreck Island!
11. You are here! The items that you have collected in the other lands are in the right corner.
Click them 4 times and you've completed the quest!

I hope these cheats helped you! (:
                                                                                   ~ DarkDJ, The Club Penguin Cheats Team  

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